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2021 Race report

The return of the Christmas handicap was met with cold foggy conditions but this didn’t deter the return of the faithful as well as some new faces too, which was good to see. The most noticeable absentee was John Greenwood who after running every handicap for the last 35 years finally missed one. We hope you’re getting back to fitness, John and can join us next year.

The new men’s champion is Lee Cattermole who whizzed round the 5.8 mile course in 40 minutes and 50 seconds which was the third fastest time of the day but with a favourable handicap Lee crossed the finish line first and took first choice of the prizes.

The ladies champion went to Alice Vick and who ran an impressive 41.38 and finished 4th overall.

The full results from today as well as the updated spreadsheet that shows all results since 1985 are on the website. See how you compare with other runners from the past!

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