Race Details


19th May 2019

Start time

8.00 am


Nick Small    contact via email

Entry Fee

£84 Per team  -  Maximum 100 teams

Race entry

RACE FULL (7th March)

Results and Live Tracking

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2019 CWR Race Recce

SEE BELOW for all details about Recce on Saturday 11th May

  • MIxed Team  -  A minimum of 6 ladies to qualify for the mixed team prizes.
  • Vets Team -  Ladies must be 40 + years  Men must be 40 + years
Prize List
  • 1st open team
  • 1st ladies team
  • 1st mixed team
  • 1st vets team (male and female)
    12 X £ TBC Vouchers and Trophy
  • 2nd Open team
  • 2nd ladies team
  • 2nd mixed team
  • 2nd vets team
    12 X £ TBC Vouchers
  • 3rd Open team
    12 X £  TBC Vouchers
Bonus Prizes

Once again we are offering a fantastic £1,800 of bonus prizes for Record Breaking teams and pairs.

  • Target times for 2019 increaes by 5 minutes.
  • £300 for any open or mixed team to break the overall course record/adjusted target time of 5:45:00 (record 5:34:46)
  • £300 for any ladies team to beat the ladies record/target time of 7:15:00 (record 7:02:11)

We have set target times, based upon the existing course records and adjusted for distance changes. In almost every case, the target times are slower than the existing records (which were set in winter conditions). We want the targets to be fair and achievable.

Leg Bonus Prizes

There are also £100 bonus prizes for any pairs that manage to crack the record/target time for any individual leg.

  • £100 for record breaking men's pairs
  • £100 for record breaking ladies's pairs

We have set the target times to be fair and achievable and, in almost every case, slower than the existing record. For instance, the leg 3 record of 32:23 was set by such an outstanding pair of athletes that it is unlikely ever to be broken...Unless a certain pair of fell running olympian siblings have a crack.

Target times for the legs in 2020 

  • leg 1   open 1:08:00   ladies 1:22:00
  • leg 2   open 0:54:00   ladies 1:05:30
  • leg 3   open 0:34:00   ladies 0:42:30
  • leg 4   open 0:59:00   ladies 1:11:00
  • leg 5   open 0:49:00   ladies 0:56:00
  • leg 6   open 1:05:00   ladies 1:17:00

So, the challenge is there, we've put up the bounty, it's over to you now.
Good luck.

2019 CWR Recce Recce Instructions, with meeting times etc
Race Instructions All runners must read

Race Route

Leg 1  |  Leg 2  |  Leg 3  |  Leg 4  |  Leg 5  |  Leg 6

From 2011 - Note changes to Leg 2 at Riding Stables

From 2011 - Note changes to Leg 6 start

From 2012 - Note changes to Leg 6 finish