Halifax Hariers
Halifax Harriers Athletics Club - Est. 1888

Key People

Club Treasurer

Raymond Hall, Club Treasurer, looks after the money, membership and all those niggly things that most people would run a mile from. If you haven't paid up you might have to run a mile from Ray, but you'd better be quick. He is one of the UK's fastest pensioners. He doesn't hang about. You may be able to out-sprint him but he'll chase you down with a relentless nagging pace (and probably a plastic tupperware box). Ray also takes Road Running Group 4. 

Brian Burgin

Brian Burgin is Head Coach at Halifax Harriers. He's also President, Patron Saint, Chief Mover and Shaker etc. Brian has been at the club for a million years...or at least fifty. Week in, week out he is there on the track with anything up to 100 juniors from age 8 to 18 (and a few dilliigent seniors too) from 5.30 until about 8.30. Actually, we suspect that he doesn't ever go home but has a bunk bed in the new storage shed. Brian is about as highly qualified as you can get as a coach (Level 4 Master Coach) with additional expertise in juniors, disability and his great love, endurance running.

Mark Gaughan

Mark Gaughan is the Chairman of Halifax Harriers. This entitles him to sit in exciting meetings with other committee members and eat biscuits.

Mark is a keen triathlete, his excuse to wear lots of lycra with impunity. As the picture shows, he also plays the pan pipes. 

Any comments and suggestions which might help improve the running of the club, Mark's the man to talk to. 


Chris Kirkbride is the Club Secretary. Never without a smile (except when racing). He gets to eat biscuits in meetings too...or he would if he weren't talking or busily typing up the minutes, agendas, apologies for absence etc. 

Chris is also the Social Secretary and ensures we have plenty of events to enjoy.

Mike Spence

Mike Spence is a (Level 3 Performance) Coach, specialising in middle distance running.

Aside from sporting a look borrowed from the 80s TV series "Fame", Mike is Mr Nice. Friendly, approachable, chatty...but beware! It's a trap...and the unwary will soon find themselves discussing the murky world of Leicester City Football Club.

John Simpson

John Simpson is a Coach specialising in the art of chucking stuff, though he also looks after athletes who jump and run.

If you happen to be tall and you find John looking at you with this beaming smile, don't worry, he has probably just been assessing the length of your levers.


Paul Sutcliffe

Paul Sutcliffe is a Coach specialising in middle distance running. He's very important to the club as he's the only one of the coaches who can still keep up with the elite teenagers. 

Although officially a Vet, he's teen punk rebel through and through, with ink, piercing that might make your eyes water and occasionally a blue rinse to prove it.



Jamie Bush is a coach, usually to be found trying to manage 50 excitable kids armed only with an alice band and rock n roll hair. He has boundless enthusiasm, which is just as well, given that he will often be on track with the juniors for over two hours, twice a week.

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